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Welcome to EidemrocksRadio.com, my little corner of the World Wide Web. Here you will find my thoughts, views and opinions on such things as news, sports, politics, pop culture, music and more in both podcast and blog form. Combining my many years of radio experience, my intention is to inform, entertain and amuse you, the listener. Agree or not, hopefully you will find this site to be thought provoking, challenging and perhaps give you a different perspective.

Eidemrocksradio.com is also home to both the Rio Hondo League and Pacific League High School Athletics. Click on the links for more information regarding each league.

My broadcasting career started in a small farm town in northwest Iowa, working the night shift as a DJ, before moving up the ranks to sports director in the year and a half I was there. My next move brought me to western Nebraska where I was the sports director for a 5 station cluster. The highlight of my time in Nebraska was broadcasting the state high school football championship game in back to back years, from Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. After a 5 year stay in the Rocky Mountain region I found my way back to Los Angeles as the producer for the “Loose Cannons” sports talk show at AM 570 KLAC and then on to KRLA AM 870 as the sports correspondent and producer for the “Kevin James Show” and then  served as Executive Producer for the “Frank Sontag Show” on 99.5FM KKLA. I am currently a Professor at Pasadena City College and I serve as the Faculty Advisor for Lancer Radio the online campus radio station for PCC.

I hope you enjoy the site, visit often and by all means do tell a friend.



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